The number one type of content audiences want more of is video. This is because everyone is watching video and it has a higher engagement rate for viewers than any other medium. You can break this down into different types of videos. There are branding videos to build leads and explainer videos to convert leads to sales.

Sales Through Branding

Branding videos are a method of getting your company in the minds of the public. This applies to a long-term plan for potential future sales. Having people recognize what your company does and remember you will get you the sale once they have the opportunity to use your service. Providing content that informs the viewership about various topics can expand the company’s base. In turn, usually to younger demographics that will associate name recognition and trust years down the road.




But I Want to Sell Today!

Yes, we all want the money and we want it now. Unfortunately, patience is not a virtue on the bottom line. Likes on a social media post do not always translate into sales. Fortunately, video has the most potential to get this job done. As branding helps you attract leads, your sales department must do what it takes to convince the weary market to shovel out hard earned money for your products. This is where explainer videos make their entry. Implementing videos such as testimonials, interviews, round-table discussions, etc. can help those potential customers make an informed decision about whether or not the purchase is right for them.


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Video in Marketing and Sales Departments

Most companies think of video as something to attract leads and rely on personal interaction to confirm the sale. This may be a waste of effort as video has the potential to do your sales job. A video can let the viewer be themselves, without the confrontation of interacting with another person and feeling forced to make a decision. Customers want to feel they have made a well-informed decision in their purchases so sharing explainer videos with leads is the most solid attempt to converting leads to sales. Remember, we are living in the age of the ‘Now” and many people would rather interact with a video than a live person.