Video Production & Photography

If you own a brand and wish to take your brand message to a specific demography we can take it forward from that point. We have our own video production department, which brings together a variety of skills and services to build your brand's overall picture. Bee Global's scope of work involves production of television commercials for cinema and broadcast, as well as native advertising and motion projects. From event films to corporate narrative, we've worked with clients in a variety of industries, such as education, food and beverage, automotive, fashion, design and sports. We want to use the potential of video and photography to aid you promote your business and engage with your audience.

It's the totality of all our portions that sets us apart, from creative corporate movies to stunning product videos to splendid explainer videos, vibrant event videos, interactive experiences, product photoshoots and event photography. Our crew is specialised in cracking visual storytelling concepts that can fascinate and engage audiences. We've invested in top-of-the-line production equipment as well as cutting-edge production facilities, allowing us to produce powerful digital films and stills from concept to completion. Bee Global undertakes any project, irrespective of how large or small it is.

Bee Global is a full service creative company that provides:

Thinking about a Promotional video?

A promotional video is a very flexible tool for promoting your company and communicating with not only your customers but a wider audience who simply want information about your business, hence raising awareness of your company name. Once you have it you can use it for trade shows, DVD mail shots, sales meetings, as well as on the internet.

What we can do

We specialize in promotional videos for local companies - we know the area and we know how to take your company's message and broadcast it to a wider audience in a dynamic and impactive way.