Cloud VM Surveillance

Get it straight from the cloud anywhere, anytime. The intervention of cloud technology has redefined the approach towards many persisting technologies, surveillance being one among them. Bee Global has embraced this technology with passion and offers the best-in-class cloud based surveillance systems that can enable you to access your surveillance footage from any part of the world, anytime, through the internet without compromising security. The data and information captured by our high definition surveillance cameras installed at your surveillance sites will be stored in the cloud protected by an unbreachable layer of firewall, thus ensuring you a secure experience all using BG LIVE intuitive interface software.

Bee Global stepped into this space with decades of combined experience in software development tools, high-reliability networking products and cyber security, first focusing on offering cloud video surveillance solutions to a limited number of clients. Many companies enjoyed the ease-of-use and possibility to employ a variety of high-definition surveillance cameras of their choice as the firm grew quickly and created a loyal user base.

The Bee Global cloud surveillance platform is being used by thousands of companies. The company is now the go-to solution supplier for small businesses and multi-location businesses looking for a hardware-free video surveillance system backed by a global network of security experts. Security, compliance and business continuity are all goals that our Cloud VM surveillance solutions can help you achieve.

Trust us for the safest clouds!