10 Amazing Call To Actions

A Call to Action (CTA) refers to words or phrases in advertising messages, web pages or sale scripts generally used to offer products or services and also to motivate consumers to take immediate action. Often Calls to Action might provide consumers with strong reasons for purchasing immediately, such as an offer that is only available for a limited time or special deals during holidays. A powerful CTA provides consumers with compelling reasons to purchase the product that is offered. But how do you create a perfect CTA? Today you’ll learn all about them!

How to create the perfect Call to Action?

To create the perfect CTA, you need to have in mind some specific words. These words are usually very persuasive and can help you create the right CTA to achieve your goal. For example:

  • You: this is a very powerful word because, when using “you,” the consumers will feel that you are directly speaking to them.
  • Easy: people want things that present little to no difficulties. If you include “easy” in your CTA sounds like it will be something to be achieved without great efforts.
  • Guarantee: this word that shares promise or assurance is quite helpful when writing your CTA.
  • New: fresh, modern. This word sells innovation.
  • Free: people love receiving without doing anything. When using the word “free” you will awaken emotions like curiosity or interest.


All of these words show emotion. Don’t be afraid to use them since they will draw customers’ attention to what you offer. Sometimes is a good idea to create a sense of urgency in your CTA. This will draw immediate attention for customers to take action instead of waiting to make a purchase. It is way better when you can get people to take action soon. Here are some CTA phrases that will effectively make people run towards what you’re selling:

  • “Last chance.”
  • “Only X days left” or “Offer ends on date X.”
  • “While supplies last” or “Limited supply.”
  • “Hurry”
  • “Today only.”
  • “Immediately” or “Now.”

As said before, by using these words or phrases you will awaken curiosity and draw immediate attention towards what you’re selling. Creating a sense of urgency will rush people to take action sooner than expected.

10 amazing phrases to create a Call to Action

With all the above, here are 10 examples of the best Call to Action for your marketing strategy:

  1. “Claim your free trial.”
  2. “Get started now!”
  3. “Get X% off your first order.”
  4. “Sign in” or “Log in.”
  5. “Find out more about…”
  6. “Unlimited access for X price.”
  7. “Join free!”
  8. “Check out our products.”
  9. “Discover more.”
  10. “Start your free month now!”

One of the best things about our marketing strategies is that you can implement both outbound (straight up sales process) and inbound (call to action, magnetic pull to your brand) marketing. Here at Bee Global, we implement Calls to Action to create an interesting brand identity and design quality posts.